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学位工作 is a web-based 学位审核 designed to assist students and advising staff with monitoring a student’s academic progress toward degree completion.
它可以作为一个清单来计划和跟踪你的进展.  学位审核可以 not replace academic advising, it is a supplement that helps determine 课程 selections 并确认毕业要求.


Login to your T-BirdWeb门户, Select Self-Service Banner 9, and under your Student 服务选项卡 选择学位作品. Make sure the pop-up blockers are turned off in your internet browser or try a different web浏览器. Contact 外围足球 帮助台 if you still have trouble accessing 学位工作.


学位作品审核是一份非官方文件. 它是一个提供学术的工具 in为mation related to your degree progress and can help you plan your academic schedule.  你的学位审核不是你的正式成绩单.


No. 学位工作 is a snapshot of 课程s in-progress, planned, and in academic history. Registration will continue to be handled through Student 服务 Banner 9.


学位课程对所有新生和转学生开放. 顾问,教师, and selected staff will also have access 为 the purpose of supporting your progress 通过你的学术生涯.





可能有几个原因. 一个是学位工作可能从那以后就没有更新过 进行了更改(每晚刷新信息).

Second, there could be some paperwork that still needs to be completed. 例如, if you have completed transfer 课程s, it is possible that the university has not received an official transcript or the 课程work is pending a departmental review. Check with an academic advisor and/or 外围足球 帮助台 if your transcript or audit does 不反映您已完成的转移工作.

You should meet with your academic advisor to clarify the error and review your program 学位审核中列出的要求和完成的课程. 你的学术顾问 will make any necessary corrections, possibly in consultation with the 注册商’s 办公室.


You are either a non-degree seeking students, in which case you have no major and 因此,没有学位计划可以提供给你.

或者你的学位目录期限超过2019年. 你需要找个顾问谈谈 了解你的专业,看看你是否需要更新.

If you have any questions about your student record, 课程work, or the 学位工作 程序,请联系外围足球帮助台.
If a 课程 waiver or substitution is approved by the Dean, they will record the exception. The completed 课程 will fulfill the requirement, and an 额外的 note will appear 在解释为什么允许例外的审计中.
是的. Once the official documentation is received and processed by the 测试中心, the 注册商's office will post the credit to your record and will appear on your 学位审核.

选修课:算作的课程 额外的 你的学位选修课程. 这里的课程高于最低要求 你的具体项目.


不足:不符合学位要求的课程. 要么是因为 或者它们是过渡课程.

正在进行的: A list of any 课程s currently being taken or that the student is pre-registered 为. These 课程s will also be listed in other blocks (sections) throughout the audit.

If you have not officially declared a concentration/major, it will not appear on your 学位审核. 你可以填写a 主要变化形式 申报你的专业. 

If you have officially declared your major/concentration and they are still not appearing 请联系外围足球 帮助台.

是的. Once grades have been processed at the end of the semester, they are viewable 在学位工作后的夜间刷新.

Grades are viewable in Canvas once posted by an instructor, however final grades are not available in 学位工作 until after the final grading period has ended. 正在进行的 课程被列入学位作品,等级为“IP”.

是的. Click on the desired 课程 on the audit and a portion of the catalog will open up with the 课程 description, credits, prerequisites and co-requisites (if they 是必需的). 将鼠标悬停在课程上,将显示课程的标题和学分 课程. 任何带有剪贴板复选标记( 先决条件)有先决条件.
不一定. If you have applied to graduate, the 注册商's 办公室 will per为m a preliminary audit of your 课程work prior to the add/drop period of your final semester and a final audit after all final grades have been submitted to determine 如果你有资格毕业. 缺失的需求将会传达给你 通过您的外围足球电子邮件.


假设功能允许您探索不同的专业. 假设审计将会 show you what 课程work is required 为 a different major, what 课程s you have taken that satisfy these new requirements, and what 课程s would still be left 为 你要带走.
一定要先和你的导师谈谈. 在咨询了你的导师之后,你可以 change your academic program using the Change of Major link on the 学生记录 网页.


1.      Select the 假设 link located between the student header and the progress 指示器量规
2.      选择你正在考虑的课程
3.      如果适用,你需要选择一个浓度
4.      如果愿意,你可以添加你正在考虑的未来课程
5.      选择“处理假设”
6.      Review how your existing and future 课程s would be applied to this new major
7.      和你的学术顾问讨论这个新专业


The Student Educational Planner (SEP) is a tool 为 you to arrange 课程 requirements 在未来的学期中. 你和你的导师可能会发现这对你的预测很有帮助 你的学术生涯. You can create an active plan and keep it up-to-date, as university administrators can use this in为mation to determine the demand 为 various 课程s 每一项.

By a split screen, the Planner allows you to drag and drop 课程s from your audit 在未来的学期中. 您也可以直接在规划框中键入课程. 你必须按照课程目录上的标签输入课程.g.EN 1110,不是英语 1110).
No, the Planner is only intended 为 future classes, not classes which you’ve completed 或者你目前就读的学校. 你可以用Planner来规划 或者你的学位计划中你想要多少就有多少.
是的. 然而,只有一个计划保持活跃. 你应该标记你所期望的计划 按照你的积极计划去做. 因为这些信息可能会被大学管理人员使用 确定每学期各种课程的需求.
这是应该发生的. 你的审核显示了你已经完成的课程 或者登记在. 只有在Planner中才会显示您计划的课程 section of 学位工作, after you have generated a worksheet using the “Process New” button.
是的. Your plans can be saved and advisor can see your plan(s) and participate with 你在计划过程中. 还有一个Notes特性,供您和您的顾问使用 保存额外的信息. 你的指导老师可能会在讨论后选择锁定你的计划 和你在一起. Once your plan is locked, you will need to return to your advisor to 进行任何其他更改.
No. 你的计划只用于计划目的. 您将继续注册通过 T-BirdWeb门户,在你的学生自助服务横幅上.
No. 你的计划只用于计划目的. 最后的课程时间表是可用的 在注册前不久在线发给学生. 如果你发现一门课程你 had planned is not being offered, you should identify an alternative 课程 and move 原来的课程,如果还需要的话,可以改期.



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